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    Adwards in the Individual Category

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  • Individual Category

    Individual Category
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2018 - Isidro Ferrer

Mano Amiga Award in the individual category - 2018

For his effort, professional involvement and international recognition in research and teaching on Alzheimer's disease; for having transmitted to doctors and researchers that the disease begins when it begins at a biological level and not when the first clinical symptom appears, and for its important contribution to the initiation and development of neurological tissue banks in Spain.

2016 - Dr. Pablo Martínez-Lage

Mano Amiga Award in the individual category - 2016

Mano Amiga Award in the individual category, which recognizes the work of professionals: for Dr. Pablo Martinez-Lage, for his efforts and involvement in research on Alzheimer's disease and early diagnosis. As an example, the 'Know Alzheimer' pioneering initiative that has managed to unite efforts of researchers, health workers and family associations to enhance and share knowledge about the disease.

2014 - Jesús Ávila

Category: Institution. 4rd Edition of the “Mano Amiga” Awards.

In recognition of his renowned contribution to a better understanding of Alzheimer’s Disease through research into the function of microtubular proteins found in neurons. His outstanding studies suggest that the extra-cellular Tau protein may play a role in the transmission of the pathology detected in Alzheimer’s Disease from the hippocampal region to the cortex.

2013 - Prof. Javier De Felipe

Premiado Categoría individual en la III Edición de los Premios Mano Amiga. Año 2013.

In recognition of his research activities in the field of neuroscience and for his contribution to significant advances in the study of Alzheimer’s Disease and for the launch of national and international schemes which will provide a greater and more precise understanding of thedisease.

2012 - Dra. Mercé Boada

Category: Individual. 2nd Edition of the “Mano Amiga” Awards

This recipient of an award is a renowned researcher, neurologist and doctor at the University of Barcelona; she is a pioneer in the design of a model for personalized attention for sufferers of Alzheimer’s Disease, a model which has been introduced into multi-disciplinary care units and Day Centres to enable the treatment of psychostimulation.

The award is also in recognition of her talent for increasing social and medical understanding of Alzheimer’s Disease, and of her humanity and empathy in dealing with sufferers and their families.

2011- Dr. Barry Reisberg

Category: Individual. 1st Edition of the “Mano Amiga” Awards

Doctor and Professor of Psychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of New York and Director of the Fisher Program for Alzheimer’s and the Clinical Core in the Alzheimer’s Disease Centre at the University of New York.

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