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    The Awards and categories

  • The Awards and categories

    The Awards and categories

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Mano Amiga International Awards

In 2011, to mark the twentieth anniversary of the Association, Alzheimer León creates Mano Amiga International Awards in order to recognize and encourage the work of individuals, organizations, institutions and groups, both public and private, regardless of its scope, that contribute to fighting the disease and improved quality of life of patients and their families. The prizes are awarded in three categories: individual, institutional and named anonymous.

Alzheimer Leon has entrusted the direction and management of the Mano Amiga International Awards to the Foundation A Tomorrow without Alzheimer to fulfill its purpose: to publicize the disease, disseminate and raise awareness; boosting the role of inspiring people and institutions that promote and support the search for effective solutions to Alzheimer's, developing innovative research models and assistance programs that improve the quality of life of patients.

Mano Amiga International awards are delivered in an annual ceremony at the Auditorio Ciudad de Leon and the winners receive a numbered work of the great artist Luis García Zurdo, painter and one of the major glassmakers in Europe. Internationally oriented, awards Mano Amiga are born with a strong will to continue.

Working methodology

The candidates must show the highest example and their contribution should have recognized importance in favor of those affected by the disease and their families.

The awarding of the prizes for the jury, appointed for that purpose by the Board of Directors, and according to the regulations approved. The jury's decision is produced independently and constituent members cast their opinion and vote with rigor, according to the procedures established by the Foundation.

The awards ceremony will take place at 3th October 2018 in the Auditorio Ciudad de León.

Premio Mano Amiga in the category named Anonymous
Award that recognizes the work and the work done anonymously by people and groups in favor of those affected by Alzheimer's.

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Premio Mano Amiga in the Individual category
Award that recognizes the work of professionals focused on research, collaborate and develop actions for Alzheimer's patients.

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Mano Amiga Award in the institutional category
Award that recognizes the work of an organization, institution or group.

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Award categories

Have been promoted the three categories that recognize the merits of institutions, organizations, companies, researchers and people working on behalf of those affected and their environment.

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