• Regulation 2018 awards

    Regulation 2018 awards

    All documentation and requirements for the next International Awards Mano Amiga 2018
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Mano Amiga International Awards 2018

            In 2011, to mark the twentieth anniversary of the Association, Alzheimer León creates Mano Amiga International Awards in order to recognize and encourage the work of individuals, organizations, institutions and groups, both public and private, regardless of its scope, that contribute to fighting the disease and improved quality of life of patients and their families. The prizes are awarded in three categories: individual, institutional and named anonymous

            Alzheimer Leon has entrusted the direction and management of the Mano Amiga International Awards to the Foundation A Tomorrow without Alzheimer to fulfill its purpose: to publicize the disease, disseminate and raise awareness; boosting the role of inspiring people and institutions that promote and support the search for effective solutions to Alzheimer's, developing innovative research models and assistance programs that improve the quality of life of patients.

            Also, continuing with the support for research, the Foundation, bringing the efforts of the sponsors, will support an initiative or research project through an economic endowment.

          1. Purpose of the regulation

            The purpose of this regulation is to establish the principles and the general rules of establishment and operation of the jury for Mano Amiga International Awards in this 6th edition in 2018.

          2. Award categories
            • Mano Amiga Award in the category of Institution:

              This recognizes the work of an institution, entity or group for their actions, and work experience in the fight against Alzheimer's disease.

            • Mano Amiga Award in the category of Individual:

              This recognizes the work undertaken by professionals in the fields of research, joint studies and development on behalf of people affected by Alzheimer's disease.

            • Mano Amiga Award in the category of Individual Recognition from the general public.

              This recognizes the work undertaken and commitment made anonymously by individuals and groups on behalf of people affected by Alzheimer's disease.

          3. Awards

            The Awards given will be three artworks, one per category, by Luis Garcia Zurdo, who is a painter and also a stained glass artist and whose works are meaningful and endowed with great artistic value. These works recognize and highlight the important work of the winners in the field of Alzheimer's disease.

          4. Call for Applications

            Can present candidates for the different categories of Mano Amiga International Awards all legally constituted entities, companies, associations and institutions.
            The nominations must conclusively prove its merits. There will be no admission for those candidates who violate any of the requirements of this regulation concretized in paragraphs number two and four. Neither will be allowed to propose candidates for Mano Amiga International Award:

            • A posthumous title

            • A politician in active

            • Members of the jury

            • Those who have been members of the jury of Mano Amiga International Awards during the three previous years

            Nominations must be submitted by completing the application form motivating, in each nomination submitted, merits and the reasons why it can be considered worthy of International Mano Amiga Awards

            In any case, for the proposal of candidacy, you can attach documents to certify merits and to provide relevant data and supplementary information.

            The maximum number of candidacies which a person or entity may present is three.

            The documentation submitted will not be returned nor will remain correspondence about it.

          5. Deadlines and styles of presenting candidacies

            The application forms may be obtained:

              • At Foundation headquarter (in physical format)

              • At the website of the Mano Amiga International Awards: www.premiosmanoamiga.es

              • A request by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

            • Candidacies may be presented by e-mail to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. By post at A tomorrow without Alzheimer in Calle Fotógrafo Pepe Gracia s / n 24005 León, Spain.

            Deadline for submission

            • The deadline to submit candidacies begins on February 8st and ends on February 28st, 2018.

          6. Composition of the jury.
            • The jury will consist of an odd number of members. Its president will be the president of the Foundation and the secretary will be the Foundation manager.

            • The members will be selected by de board of the Foundation, which will evaluate the proposals presented for this purpose.

            • The jury must be people with relevant professional and human prestige in the area of science, communication, research on neurodegenerative disease, and assistance to Alzheimer's patients.

            • - The President will be in charge of organizing and guiding the deliberations and, where applicable, the voting. The Secretary will ensure compliance with this regulation.

            • Jury deliberations are secrets.

            • The awards may be declared voice, if, the jury consider that the proposals do not gather enough merits.

            • The final decision of the jury will be unappeable.

          7. The Mano Amiga International Awards Ceremonies
            • The Foundation will contact those nominated in each category using the contact details given on the application form.

            • The Gala Ceremony will be held in the City of Leon Auditorium, October, 3rd 2018.

            • The award will be conditioned to the presence of the winner or in exceptional cases, duly justified, to a representative of the winner in the ceremony of the International Mano Amiga Awards.

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