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Neuroscientists retrieve missing memories in mice with early Alzheimer’s symptoms.

The MIT neuroscientists report in Nature that mice in the early stages of Alzheimer’s can form new memories just as well as normal mice but cannot recall them a few days later.

Furthermore, the researchers were able to artificially stimulate those memories using a technique known as optogenetics, suggesting that those memories can still be retrieved with a little help. Although optogenetics cannot currently be used in humans, the findings raise the possibility of developing future treatments that might reverse some of the memory loss seen in early-stage Alzheimer’s, the researchers say.

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On February 29th ended the deadline for nominations for the 5th edition of the International Mano Amiga Awards

Mano Amiga Awards designed to recognize and encourage the work of individuals, organizations, institutions and groups, both public and private. These awards were designed regardless of its scope, which contribute to the fight against the disease and to a better quality of life for those affected by the Alzheimer's disease and their families.

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