International Awards
Mano Amiga

The French government , scientific Jesus Avila and the caregiver Manuel Diez, are the winners of the International Awards Mano Amiga.

Alzheimer Leon has announced on Friday the verdict of the jury of the Fourth Edition of the International Awards "Mano Amiga" to honor individuals or organizations working on behalf of those suffering from this disease and their families.

On this occasion , elected among thirty candidates are the Government of France for its pioneering Alzheimer's Plan in the Institutional category , biologist and scientist Jesus Avila, his contribution to the knowledge of the disease is recognized in the section and Single caregiver Manuel Diez , who is given the distinction Anonymous name, permanent attention given to his wife , Alzheimer affected for 29 years.

The foreman of the jury , Máximo Cayon was commissioned to accompany the president of Alzheimer Leon, Mercedes Garcia, in presenting the new edition and the awards gala to be held on Thursday, 6 November at the City Auditorium lion at eight pm and which was attended by more than 700 people are expected . The event will be presented by Irma Soriano and Olympic medalist and Manolo Martinez.

The celebration , to be attended also winners of previous editions will be raised as an interactive ceremony Mercedes García summed up as "a journey through the senses, a gala recollections, feelings and memories." The event, in which the agency is involved as a partner ICAL , whose main objective is to value the work of individuals and organizations particularly committed to the disease ; gratitude that is reflected in the work of stained glass numbered master Luis García Zurdo each winner receives .

The award given to the Government of France is specific in its National Alzheimer's Plan , the first in Europe , launched in 2001 with a triple challenge: scientific, medical and social , which has achieved remarkable success when promote early diagnosis , treatment and provide better care for patients and caregivers, to ensure more effective support and accelerate research.

Jesus Avila de Grado, CSIC research professor at the Center of Molecular Biology Severo Ochoa is credited his research on the role of microtubule proteins in neurodegenerative processes . Manuel Díez will be honored "for his absolute dedication and great contribution to the dissemination and awareness about the disease and for his outstanding work and collection of audiovisual documents , which are testimonies of great interest on the progress and evolution of Alzheimer's.

The jury is made , Adema of Máximo Cayon, chronicler of the city of Leon , by writer and journalist Pedro Trapiello , the member of the board of Alzheimer Leon, Guillermo Cuesta , physician and professor at the School of Social Work , Joaquín Juan , president of Alzheimer Leon, Mercedes Garcia and managing director , John Flower.

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